Importance of Sustainable Education

Importance of Sustainable EducationBack in 2005, the United Nations (UN) declared the decade spanning from 2005 through 2014 as the decade of what is known as Education for Sustainable Development, and it’s not all that hard to see why. While the human race has developed a lot of different parts of the world over the years, it hasn’t always done it with the planet’s natural resources in mind.

As a result, many of those natural resources are, unfortunately, depleting at a rapid pace and the UN has made it their mission to try and educate people about the concept of sustainability.

Australia has committed to sustainable development, specifically in education, by trying to teach young kids about sustainability during their formative years.

In 2016, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority pushed for sustainability to be a part of children’s education and care. The organization pointed out that teachers “typically focus on sustainable practices and activities for children in the outdoor environment,” but also pointed out that there needs to be a push across the board to see real results.

The ACECQA encouraged schools to teach students practical sustainability methods. For example, teaching children how to grow their own gardens could teach them to be sustainable, as could creating clothing exchange programs for kids or showing kids the dangers of utilizing single-use items. The goal was and still is to incorporate sustainable education and to teach people about how sustainability benefits us all.

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