This Month in Climate News

All the things you need to know about the past month in climate news…

The United Kingdom House of Commons has announced a new commitment to becoming net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The new bill increases the goal of the previous Climate Change Act, established in 2008, amending its goal from 80% to a 100% reduction in emissions.

It’s ok to joke about Climate Change… well, sometimes. Matters Journal shared that experts are now using humour and satire to breach the often overwhelming facts about Climate Change, and it’s working.

We won’t have to move to Mars in 2080 after all. The currently icy-cold Siberia as been discovered as the next best choice, due to the expectation that it will have warmed up enough by then to be able to support new agriculture and construction, making it prime real estate as global warming increases – phew.

Siberia might end up a little crowded, luckily someone found a whole new planet that could host future primitive life too!

Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood put on a climate protest runaway show, featuring the director of GreenPeace, John Sauven, as one of the models. Now that’s a fashion show we’d have liked to see!

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